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Basic Services

Services of the Gas Distribution Core Activity

  1. The Operator shall provide the following Distribution Services (Core Activity) to Distribution Users and Final Customers in the most economic, transparent and direct manner, without discrimination between Distribution Users or Final Customers:
    • Collection by the Operator of quantities of Natural Gas at Entry Points.
    • Distribution of quantities of Natural Gas through the Distribution Network.
    • Delivery of quantities of Natural Gas by the Operator to the Delivery Points.
    • Assuring the proper, safe, secure, reliable and uninterrupted technical operation of the Distribution Network, and monitoring through the control systems.
    • Measuring the quantity of Natural Gas delivered to the Delivery Points. Read more
  1. The Administrator’s Core Activity includes the following:
    • Provision of access to the Distribution Network to Distribution Users, using objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria, without jeopardizing the efficient and secure operation of the Distribution Network, in accordance with the specific provisions of this Code and the relevant legislation.
    • Development (design and construction) of the Distribution Network.
    • Inspection, maintenance, replacement and upgrading of the Distribution Network.
    • Management of the Distribution Network, with transparent, objective and non-discriminatory access to all Distribution Users.
    • Ensuring the security of the Distribution Network, managing and responding immediately to emergencies, crisis management.
    • Approval of internal installations studies and carrying out an examination of new buildings.
    • Approval of Internal Installations surveys, inspection of Internal Installations for the issuance of the Indoor Installation Use Permit as provided for in the Technical Regulations for Internal Installations (Government Gazette 236/28.03.97, Government Gazette 963 B’/15.07.03 & Government Gazette 976/28.03.12), as in force.
    • Spot check on Internal Installations that have been in operation for more than four months. *(4) years from the first activation of the Internal Installation.
    • Supply, installation and maintenance of pressure measuring and regulating stations not intended for supply to the Final Consumer.
    • Promotion of the use of Natural Gas through purchase methods for the development of the Distribution Network and the connection of new Final Customers to the Distribution Network.
    • Development and operation of user-friendly and secure information systems for the execution of the Operator’s activities.
    • Management of procedures to change Distribution User at a Delivery Point.
    • Collection, transmission and storage of data from telecontrol systems and remote management of Distribution Network infrastructure.
    • Installing, maintaining and calibrating metering systems and checking the proper functioning of volume correctors installed at Delivery Points, as well as periodic checks of metering systems, as more specifically specified in the Metering Regulation.
    • Compression/gasification plant of Natural Gas, downstream of which a distribution network is developed, as well as a storage facility for compressed/liquefied natural gas cylinders to ensure uninterrupted supply of Natural Gas.
    • Purchase of Natural Gas for filling a new section of the distribution network (Filling Gas) or for an existing section if its partial discharge was required for maintenance reasons.
    • Addition of condensable odorant.
    • Operation and management of an anti-corrosion (cathodic protection) system; (i) Operation of a 24-hour emergency telephone service.
    • Management and communication with Distribution Users, End Customers and third parties for proper, seamless and efficient service delivery, including physical service points.
    • Control and quality assurance of materials related to the construction of the Distribution Network.
    • Installation of telemetry equipment at existing Delivery Points for security reasons at the initiative of the Operator, including the necessary support equipment.
    • Activation of Meters.

Frequency of Recording of Gas Meter Readings

EDA Attikis S.A. shall take the necessary reasonable steps to record gas meter readings at regular intervals.

The frequency of metering at a delivery point is defined as follows:

  1. Hourly Metered Delivery Points once a month.
  2. Non-Hourly Metered Delivery Points using Technology once a month.
  3. Non-Time Metered Delivery Points using Air Conditioning once every month.
  4. Non-Hourly Metered Delivery Points using only Heating, involving the installation of central heating, once every month for the heating season (November-April), and once every two months for the rest of the year.
  5. Non-Hourly Metered Delivery Points with Heating and/or Cooking and/or Hot Water Use, which relate to a stand-alone installation, once every two months, except during the months of July and August.
  6. Remote Metered Delivery Points once every month.